Strategies to Avoid Vacation Ownership Scams

Strategies to Avoid Vacation Ownership Scams

We place paramount importance on safeguarding your membership and personal information. We diligently protect your data against external entities, always ensuring its privacy. When communicating with others, it’s crucial to:

Verify the Identity of Who You Are Communicating With: Ensure to authenticate the identity of the individual you are engaging with. Genuine representatives will readily provide their direct contact information, such as a phone number with extension or an email address.

Guard Your Information: Should you receive unexpected messages or calls, refrain from divulging any account or personal details.

Avoid Suspicious Financial Transactions: Steer clear of transferring funds to anyone proposing unsolicited vacation ownership deals, especially if they demand upfront payments. Transferring money to unknown parties, particularly overseas, poses a significant risk of loss.

Verify Communications: A careful examination of the contact information provided can reveal scams. A single digit difference in the address, untraceable phone numbers, or frequent changes in caller ID are all red flags necessitating heightened caution.

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Protecting Your Membership and Yourself:

Ignore links in unsolicited emails or texts prompting account updates or verification.

Do not engage with requests to verify account details via email, text, or call.

Trust your instincts. If an offer seems dubious or overly favorable, it's probably not legitimate. 

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We're committed to assisting our members. If you suspect scam activity, connect with us directly at 1-877-722-4592 (US), 800-461-0535 (Mexico), or via Your security is our primary concern.

By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can enjoy the benefits of your membership with peace of mind, knowing your personal information is secure.