Cancún Quintana Roo

Imagine a stunning combination of bright Caribbean hues, white sandy beaches and colorful Mexican traditions and you have conjured the image of Cancun. This lively beach destination has earned popularity as one of the most incredible vacation spots due to its historical, cultural and gastronomic features that complement its natural beauty. Cancun is much more than a luxury vacation destination, it is a city packed with opportunities for adventure, relaxation, romance and unforgettable cultural experiences.

A magnet for adventure seekers and nature lovers, Cancun boasts unique geographical features that are hard to find in other parts of the world, the most notable are the cenotes (freshwater sinkholes) and underground river systems. In addition to the usual adrenaline pumping activities you generally find at the beach in Mexico like parasailing, jet skis, paddle boarding and jet packs. Other remarkable outdoors excursions for you to experience during a vacation in Cancun include reef, cave and shipwreck diving, swimming with whale sharks and zip-lining.

Cancun and its lush Caribbean surroundings are also steeped in ancient historical wonders, brimming with a rich Mayan legacy. Indeed, Cancun’s cultural and historical significance goes beyond the traditional Mexican customs such as mariachi, tacos and tequila. Awe-inspiring Mayan archeological sites abound, from grand cities like Chichen Itza to seaside trading towns like Tulum, to mini sacred sites like El Rey and El Meco located within the city of Cancun.

And, let’s not forget, for those who love sophisticated lifestyle experiences, gourmet dining and nightlife, Cancun is the perfect choice. Packed with fine dining venues as well as fun bars and nightclubs, the debonair jet-setter in you will be satisfied by the choice of excuses for chic socializing in Cancun.