Mandatory Daily Service Fee requested by Labor Unions

Mandatory Daily Service Fee requested by Labor Unions

For the past 10 years, TAFER Hotels & Resorts have supported the Mandatory Service Fee, which was implemented in response to changing the hospitality industry standards and appeals to benefit employees. If you have traveled to any of TAFER’s resorts during this period of time, this fee has been added to your bill at checkout.

A benefit for all employees

This fee is shared between all the resort's staff, including housekeepers, landscapers, security staff, laundry workers, and non-managerial administrative staff, among others. The fee benefits all company members because even when one specific area may not be directly in contact with the guest or member, they all contribute to creating a unique experience for all visitors. As such, they deserve recognition for their efforts and appreciation directly from the resort's members and guests. The only areas that don't benefit from this fee are the Food & Beverage department (as they utilize gratuities added directly to the meal bills), Bell Desk staff (these employees are tipped directly by members for their services), and executives/managers.

In Mexico, the resort wages are very competitive, which is why the Developer and Hotel Operations teams offer many benefits to the employees, such as medical insurance, continuing education, English language classes, assistance with education and supplies for the staff's children, internship opportunities, and many others.

The Daily Service Fee is a standard in Mexico. However, due to external factors such as inflation, covid, and other economic factors, our neighboring resorts have increased their daily service fees while we have not. This is possible thanks to offering very competitive salaries and human resource benefits. Maintaining our team members is one of our top priorities, as we know how much our members look forward to seeing the same friendly faces year after year. Therefore, the operations and management executives have determined that revising their policy and basing the fee on the unit size instead of a flat fee is the fairest and most equitable way to balance the needs of our staff and adopt the industry's best practices.


As expected, our members love staying at TAFER Hotels & Resorts for extended periods, thanks to our hospitality standards. As such, we have always provided discounts based on each member's stay length. The daily fee is decremented for stays that are over 14 nights. This nightly service fee decreases based on the number of nights you decide to stay. When staying two months, you fall in the lowest tier, which comes to $3.00 per night in a studio, $4.00 per night in a one-bedroom, $6.00 per night in a two-bedroom, and $8.00 per night in a three-bedroom or larger. The previous fee was $4.00, and long-term stays were discounted.

1-14 nights is the standard rate.

15-30 nights is a new rate

31-45 nights is a new rate

46+ nights is a new rate.


In certain resorts and destinations in Latin America, the fee can run from $15-$50 per night, which is higher than the one we provide to our members. Feel free to browse through the several examples below of resorts in Cabo and Cancun, which charge daily fees far greater than our resorts. Resort fees are also standard practice in the United States and the hospitality industry. Compared to other resorts that charge a daily resort fee, ours goes directly to team members, not provide amenities such as gym access or Wi-Fi, which are already included in your stay.

Hilton Los Cabos- 10% daily

Marriott Cabo 10%

Marriott Cancun- $35.00 per day

Westin Cancun- $36.00 per day