The best Italian restaurant in Cancun

The best Italian restaurant in Cancun

You know that feeling of entering an exquisite Italian restaurant. The place's ambiance transports you to those cobbled streets protected by an endless blue sky. The smell dancing through the air gives hints of the fresh ingredients that just arrived from its home country. And the service is warm, joyful, and fun, just as it will be in Italy.

Bringing this experience to Mexico is a challenging task. However, at TAFER Hotels & Resorts, we love a good challenge. This is why we are extending our top Italian restaurant, NOI, to the warm shores of Cancun, specifically inside the stunning facilities of Mousai Cancun, which will debut in late 2023.

Hotel Mousai Cancun

In late 2023, Hotel Mousai Cancun will open its doors to those sun seeker travelers ready to live the sublime adults-only experience that has captivated guests and members for years in Puerto Vallarta, the Mousai experience. The resort will follow Its predecessor's 5 Diamond standards and feature TAFER's top features: exquisite gourmet restaurants and bars, a Spa, and the best all-inclusive plan ever created.

Also, guests and members will have access to some of the top facilities of its sister resorts, Garza Blanca and Villa del Palmar, as the three sit together, overlooking the glimmering Caribbean Sea.

The best Italian restaurant in Cancun

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It is no news that NOI is now part of TAFER's signature dining options. So, the announcement of its opening in Cancun has been received with great excitement by guests and members who wish to taste the flavors of the best Italian restaurant on Cancun's shores. However, if you have yet to taste its flavors, read on to get a hint of what awaits!

Start the night by ordering a cup of wine or one of NOI’s hand-crafted cocktails. The difficult decisions start now, as you must choose from a wide variety of dishes for the one you want to be THE ONE to begin this exquisite experience. Fresh pasta, pizzas, and risottos are among the options. If you are feeling bold, one of our many seafood options will be of your liking. You can also experience something new for the first time and try the ANATRA duck breast with Strega Liqueur Sauce.

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To end the night, you can ask for one of NOI's Italian desserts, which feature from a traditional Tiramisus to exquisite Panna Cottas.

Choose what you choose, the innovative flair of chefs' techniques presented in a contemporary restaurant design lend themselves to an artfully delicious experience for all guests and members. The colorful mix of aromas and flavors created with the highest quality ingredients delivers a superior taste in every dish.

So, the countdown starts now! Prepare your taste buds for the experience that awaits at what will become the best Italian restaurant in Cancun.