TAFER Hotels & Resorts’ most recent sustainable efforts

TAFER Hotels & Resorts’ most recent sustainable efforts

As TAFER's hospitality collection of all-inclusive resorts, stunning botanical gardens, and family-friendly residences grows, so does the responsibility to the planet, the natural spaces where the resorts are located, and the flora and fauna that call Garza Blanca, Hotel Mousai, and Villa del Palmar home.

Becoming a sustainable corporation is TAFER's next goal. The first steps to achieve the dream are implementing new technologies, facilities, and sustainable options that help reduce the corporation's carbon print while also providing each member and guest with the top-notch experience they expect from TAFER's resorts.

Read on to discover TAFER's next steps to become one of the top sustainable developments in Mexico.

In-suite eco changes

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Single-use shower amenities are being replaced with a personalized dispenser exclusive to TAFER properties. All rooms at TAFER's resorts will have a dispenser in each suite's bathroom. The products inside the dispensers will feature a curated array of L'Occitane products consisting of 300 ml of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, each separated from the other.

With this implementation, TAFER is eliminating approximately ___ single-use plastic bottles and decreasing its carbon print, as the creation and recycling process of plastic will also be reduced.

Water purification plant

To go one step further, high innovation is required. By the end of March, a water purification plant will be installed in the headquarters of TAFER Hotels & Resorts in Puerto Vallarta. Along with the water plant, reusable water bottles designed especially for TAFER's brands will be installed in each room, having inside them the cleanest water in the region. The bottles undergo a specialized procedure involving high temperatures to sterilize them, leaving them clean for every new use. The plant's functioning and water bottle implementation will occur at the beginning of April and significantly change how members and guests live their TAFER experience.

Water filters

To end this stage of changes, TAFER is implementing water filters at all its consumption centers in Puerto Vallarta, water that will be used for drinking and cooking at every restaurant. TAFER follows strict rules for all implementations, as the health and well-being of each member and guest is a priority.

More projects are planned for the second implementation of eco changes at TAFER Hotels & Resorts and will take place in the years to come. Each new performance will be applied to every new development under the TAFER brand. Stay tuned for more news.