TAFER’s Inspiration for Designing Luxury Hotels Across Mexico

TAFER’s Inspiration for Designing Luxury Hotels Across Mexico

Since its inception, TAFER Hotels and Resorts has continued to raise the bar in international luxury travel. The brand has continuously evolved, starting with Villa del Palmar Cancun and then with the addition of Garza Blanca and Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, followed by Garza Blanca Los Cabos, and most recently with Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta’s brand-new South Tower, and Garza Blanca Cancun.

The architecture and design, while similar for the Garza Blanca Brand, is interpreted differently at each resort. Hotel Mousai has its own character of being chic, sensual, and flirtatious while Villa del Palmar Cancun takes inspiration from the Mayan world. At each of TAFER’s resorts, the goal is to create high quality and elegant spaces using a selection of materials designed to enrich the guest and member experience.

Inspiration for the resorts comes from the far corners of the world, from Italian furnishings, to a Japanese restaurant, to the deep Pacific of Mexico with a marine theme at Blanca Blue restaurant of white coral. At TAFER, the design takes members and guests on a Journey from A to B, ensuring the wonder of discovery.

Each resort offers something special. At Garza Blanca Los Cabos, the design concept of the suites is based on marine life. The materials for the floors and the walls were chosen to add quiet to the living space, and the rooms are brought to life with the carefully selected accessories. From the one bedroom suites to the four bedroom penthouses, the lounge chairs in the living room possess the geometry of coral, the middle table is a vault representing a treasure chest found in the depths of the ocean, the turquoise pillows represent the ocean, and in the kitchen, the wall art gives context to the marine life in the vast Pacific Ocean. Another thing that sets Garza Blanca Los Cabos apart is the art in the hallways showcasing beautiful images, which add another layer of discovery to the journey that takes you to your room.

Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta abounds in peace and lavish tranquility and encompasses 85 acres of lush tropical jungle. Alongside Garza Blanca’s sister property, Hotel Mousai, the resorts offer a tropical playground that now includes two new additions: Hotel Mousai’s South Tower and TierraLuna Village.

Mousai South 3

The first of our exciting new additions is Hotel Mousai’s new South Tower. Having followed in the footsteps of its North Tower predecessor, the South Tower carries the same flirtatious and luxurious mood throughout all of its spaces. The design was “inspired by the sensuality of the natural muses,” accentuating spaces with rich shades of purples, reds, and golds. As you ascend the tower, passing through the elegant lobby, you’ll arrive at the breathtaking Rooftop where the infinity pool merges with the endless sky and blue colors of the Pacific Ocean, making you feel as though you have ascended to heaven. The South Tower also brings the addition of two new signature gourmet restaurants: DAO Contemporary Chinese Cuisine and NOI Italian Restaurant.

South tower lobby

TierraLuna Village is symbolically located at the very heart of the preserve. This incredible outdoor space features nine specialty boutiques that sell a variety of products, all promoting our shared values of health, wellness, ethical sourcing, and sustainable fashion. You’ll also find a deli and coffee shop, and the newly opened Karuma Gourmet Grill with 3 additional signature restaurants that are coming soon.

In keeping with the international theme, the grounds of Garza Blanca Preserve are decorated with various statues coming from China and India. It is in the details that the Garza Blanca Preserve experience comes to life. As you make your way through the grounds exploring these exciting new additions, you can’t help but notice the incredible statues dotted around the preserve. Fernando Gonzalez Corona is the founder, owner, and president of TAFER Hotels & Resorts, and has had a long-time vision to create a line of world-class hotels that honor and accentuate various cultures of the world. As he has traveled overseas with his family, he has hand-picked various statues and art pieces along the way to bring back with him. You will find these authentic, and largely historic, pieces scattered around both Garza Blanca Preserve and Hotel Mousai so that guests, members, and staff, can appreciate them collectively.

On the grounds, you’ll find:

Kuan Yin (Quan Yin or Guan Yin) – Kuan Yin is a character from ancient Mahayana Buddhism, representing great compassion and the desire to help others. Kuan Yin is considered one of the great bodhisattvas of the time, who are defined as people who are already able to reach nirvana, but deny going out of a desire to stay and help other suffering beings. Oftentimes they are said to have dedicated several lifetimes and reincarnations to this cause. Their presence in a space or home is said to bring prosperity, blessings, and protection. You’ll find the statue of Kuan Yin seated in a cross-legged position with a right hand resting near the heart.

Kuan Yin

Buddha Head – while the head of Buddha has become a very popular and recognizable sight today, it has roots dating all the way back to the 5th century. Founded by Prince Siddhartha Gautama near present-day Nepal, the religion of Buddhism has since spread worldwide. The core belief of Buddhism is that human life is a continuing cycle of suffering and rebirth, and that by achieving nirvana (enlightenment), you may eventually find peace. The Buddha Head itself is a representation of calmness and composure, offering an aura of stillness and meditation to those who pass by.

Ganesha – the Lord Ganesha comes from the Hindu tradition, most popular in India. Being one of the most recognizable Hindu gods, easily distinguished by its elephant-shaped head, Ganesha is said to clear pre-existing obstacles and help pave the way for new projects and endeavors. He is also commonly referred to by other names including Ganesh, Ganapati, Vinayaka etc.


This integral part of Garza Blanca’s character is now traveling to Cancun, where the newly opened Garza Blanca Cancun showcases vistas of the Caribbean Sea that honor its location and the magnificence of the destination. Highlights include a grand lobby with an unparalleled level of sophistication and sweeping ocean views. Between contemporary design, brand-new facilities, and the breathtaking landscape, we guarantee an experience unlike any other.

Garza blanca cancun

Villa del Palmar Cancun stays true to its Maya roots in the design of its award-winning Village Spa, which is modeled after a Mayan Village with treatment cabins – Tikales – that represent one of the natural elements identified by the Maya. Zamá restaurant is the resort’s authentic Mexican restaurant. The name Zamá means Dawn in the Mayan language and pays homage to its Mayan heritage through the Yucatecan recipes and flavors as well as the unique design of the restaurant. Maya architecture is known for being easily recognizable and dramatic, and Zamá achieves both those things with its incredible geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and thatched palapa dome.


TAFER’s resorts reflect the Mexican spirit while celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion. The unique items you encounter have stories to tell. The next time you visit, have a look around and see if this little bit of background will help you notice things you haven’t before. We look forward to welcoming you back to your home away from home very soon.