Experience the Future at Hotel Mousai's Intelligent Suites

Experience the Future at Hotel Mousai's Intelligent Suites

Immerse in the innovation of hotel amenities at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta. Our opulent smart hotel suites are crafted to reduce inconvenience and enhance enjoyment. There's nothing we haven’t envisioned, from touchscreen gadgets and iPad-orchestrated room service to a hydrotherapy plunge pool on every terrace suite. We intentionally elevate the standard for smart hotel room architecture and invite you to revel in it with us. Embrace the evolution of high-tech hotel chambers while unwinding in 360 degrees of sheer paradise when you stay at Hotel Mousai.

iPad-Regulated Ambiance System

Hotel mousai puerto vallarta corner suite south king size bed

Every luxury suite at Hotel Mousai is fitted with the newest in hotel tablet innovation. Within your expansive Modern Art Deco Suite, all gadgets are connected to a personal in-suite iPad. This includes a colossal flatscreen TV which can be linked with Chromecast to view your cherished shows on High-Speed Internet. Your suite is adorned with surround sound acoustics and bespoke music playlists, assured to create the impeccable atmosphere.

You can smoothly brighten or dim the lights from the touchscreen while reclining in bed and even have room service brought to your door without ever requiring a phone call. Hotel tablet room service conserves precious moments and vigor which are among life’s most treasured assets. We are honored to supply the latest in-room tablets for hotels, where each function is aligned by intuitive design.

Smart Control Interfaces

When we express we’ve considered everything, we signify it. This is why your hotel smart suite boasts integrated control panels on each wall to render your stay effortless. Entering the suite, you’ll observe a button towards the hallway which can be activated from inside the suite’s wall control interface. This button can be altered to green for “Welcome” and to red for “Do Not Disturb”. The light hue signifies to hotel staff whether you desire turnover services or prefer to delay.

The smart control interfaces can also be utilized to manage your suite’s light ambiance, music volume, television, and room climate. They enable guests to effortlessly open or close the curtains, summon room service, and more! The control interfaces are devised as an alternative to the iPad for members & guests who favor this to a touchscreen.

Restrooms of Tomorrow

Hotel mousai suite north supplies

Our hotel smart suites present restrooms which are a futuristic adventure in themselves. Firstly, we have shaped the gigantic vanity mirrors with touch lighting, which can be activated with a simple tap of the finger. Your colossal rainshower enables deep relaxation

and a capacious experience. We’ve also introduced a Smart Toto Bidet Toilet for our patrons which is the pinnacle in bidet and toilet technology. Our priority is our customers’ gratification which is why we attend to each detail in our luxury smart hotel chambers.

Automated Electric Drapes & Smart AC Mechanism

Hotel mousai puerto vallarta corner suite south bedroom

Our hotel smart suites encompass floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that exhibit mesmerizing views of the verdant Sierra Madre Mountains and the extensive Pacific ocean. Perhaps the initial thing you wish to see in the morning is the shimmering blue ocean, but don’t desire to leave the bed. You can open the automated electric drapes with a mere touch of a button via your smart control interface. You can also shut the drapes to block the sun with another click of a button.

The air conditioning apparatus in your hotel smart suite has been devised to switch off when the terrace door is ajar and back on when shut. We incorporated this feature into the design of each smart hotel chamber so that our guests can relax and not fret about modifying the air conditioning configurations. The Smart AC Mechanism is part of our environmental and energy-conserving initiatives.

In-Suite Hydrotherapy Regimen

Hotel Mousai vaunts an extensive array of avant-garde Hydrotherapy Treatments at our world-class Spa Imagine. We extended beyond that by fixing personal plunge pools on each terrace of our luxury hotel smart suites. Each jacuzzi is embedded into the terrace and fashioned with smart temperature configurations and hydromassage jets, which guests can tailor to their preferences. How does hotel tablet room service with a goblet of fine wine and a hydromassage resonate from the seclusion of your own balcony? Yes, we conjectured so too.

Hotel mousai puerto vallarta corner suite south terrace

At Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta, we have merged futuristic technology with superior luxury to forge a jaw-dropping vacation voyage for our esteemed guests. From hotel tablet room service to touch-commanded electronics, our smart hotel chambers have it all.

We are ceaselessly elevating the standard for luxury experiences and in May of 2024, the newest entrant to the TAFER Hotels & Resorts collection, Mousai Cancun, unveils its doors to the globe. The resort is crafted to mirror the natural allure of the environment with 88 hotel smart suites synced to Alexa speaker-managed electronics and more. The resort will spotlight two sparkling swimming pools, a range of fine dining choices, and a wellness zone sculpted after the notion of Nirvana designed to rejuvenate and revitalize.

Mousai Cancun is a segment of TAFER’s five-year expansion blueprint in Cancun and other venues across Mexico. Stay tuned! We eagerly await your arrival there.