The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 100 Years of History

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 100 Years of History

The church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe), located in Puerto Vallarta’s old town, will celebrate its 100 years of existence on October 12th, 2022. This church is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most iconic spots thanks to its stunning architecture and emblematic crown, which tops the main building. The church is a popular place visited by locals and tourists daily. The centennial celebration will feature musical and cultural performances to honor this religious building.

Event Details

The Los Arcos Amphitheater, located on the southern end of the Malecón in Puerto Vallarta's downtown, will host the celebrations. The event won't take place inside the church since the space may be limited for the number of expected attendees.

The Amphitheater is framed by the iconic Arches of the Malecón (Los Arcos del Malecón), four decorative arches from which you can admire stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the twinkling lights of Banderas Bay, and fun firework shows.

This spot is excellent for celebrations as it is a centrally located open-air venue where locals and tourists (be them traveling in a romantic way or on a family type of vacation) enjoy free entertainment, international dishes, Mexican handicrafts, and so much more.

The event starts at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, October 12th, 2022, at the Amphitheater, where a Mariachi band will perform along with pre-Hispanic dancers. Food and drinks will be available along the Malecón the entire evening. The entertainment will last till 8:00 pm when a mass to honor the hundred years of the building will begin. There will be an opportunity to receive the Holy Communion. Once the mass is over, a spectacular firework show will start as a closure to the vent.

The Amphitheater is approximately a 17-minute drive from TAFER's adults-only resort, Hotel Mousai, and TAFER's best resort for families in Puerto Vallarta, Garza Blanca Preserve.

English Mass in Puerto Vallarta

If you wish to attend a mass during your Puerto Vallarta vacation, don't hesitate to visit the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The English mass is held at 5:00 pm every Saturday. Bilingual mass in English and Spanish is held every Sunday at 10:00 am. During both masses, you will have the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of the Eucharist. Don't forget to bring appropriate clothes to the mass. Out of respect, please try to dress modestly, avoiding low necklines and bare shoulders.

The exact location of the church is in Calle Hidalgo 370 in the center of Puerto Vallarta.

The History of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The foundation of the church dates back to 1903. However, in the beginning, it was just a tiny chapel. It was in 1915 that it was demolished, and when Father Francisco Ayala established plans to strengthen the foundations and build a larger church. The church's first mass was held on October 12th even when the church was still under construction.

The construction of the church stopped because of the Cristero War between 1926 and 1929. It was until 1940 that the building continued. The original structure has undergone many changes, plus the addition of the central tower in 1952. The spectacular baroque-style crown was placed on top of the building in 1956. However, the original crown is not the same as today. The original crown was damaged during a severe earthquake with a magnitude of 8 on October 9th,1995, and a temporary fiberglass one was put in its place. The church received a new crown based on the original design on October 2009. This new crown was sculpted using cemented rock and included a series of symbols with religious meaning.

Beautiful artwork adorns the inside, along with a marble altar with the image of Mexico's patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe, or Virgin Mary.

Best Time to Visit the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The best time to visit is during the first 12 days of December when processions happen on Calle Juarez Street (in front of the church) every evening starting at 6:00 pm. Processions feature a parade of beautiful floats dedicated to the Virgin, pre-Hispanic and folkloric dancers, and Mariachi. Food and drinks are also available in the plaza close to the church. On these days, people from Puerto Vallarta pilgrimage to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe to honor her and express gratitude for the blessings she has given them throughout the year.

So, there you have it! A new spot to add to your must-visit places during your next vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Don't forget that while you are there, you can walk down the Malecón and enjoy food, drinks, and shopping! You can also explore the old town and experience a bit of the local ambiance. The options are endless!