Swimming with Bull Sharks in Cancun

Swimming with Bull Sharks in Cancun

So, it's decided! A vacation to Cancun is on the books, and the only thing left after booking your flights and resort is to look for the best activities in Cancun to plan the best vacation schedule for you and your companions. Pleasing all group members is no easy task; however, there's one experience in Cancun that most travelers catalog as an "at least once in a lifetime" kind of adventure, and it is: going bull shark diving in Cancun!

But first... What is a bull shark?

Bull sharks are the most widespread species of sharks; they can be found in freshwater and saltwater. This type of shark characterizes by venturing closer to the water's surfaces as they are curious animals that enjoy shallow coastal waters and are commonly seen in the waters of Lattin and North America, as well as in Indian waters.

The name "Bull Shark" makes references to this species' furious and unpredictable temper, as well as to its ability to live and hunt.

Sadly, Bull sharks have been listed as a near-threatened species because of their close contact with pollution and habitat degradation.

How to identify a bull shark

Thanks to their large body-width-to-length ratio, bull sharks appear robust and are counter-colored (dark on the top and light on the underside). They also have a short and round snout, small eyes, and a dorsal fin shaped like a triangle.

An adult female bull shark can measure over 4 meters (13 feet) long; males are smaller with a body length of about 2.5 meters. Bull Sharks weigh up to 300 kilograms or 660 pounds.

Bull sharks in cancun

Diving with bull sharks in Cancun

Up to the fun part! When visiting Cancun, diving with bull sharks is a must. Watching these sharks come and go is a unique experience in which you will get to appreciate the majestic of the species and how quickly they can be when navigating through water (even when scientists think that they have poor vision and can see only in black and white).

Bull Sharks visit Cancun from November to March, so if your next vacation takes place between these months, start looking out for tours!

Please remember that to participate in these tours, you must be scuba certified with at least twenty registered dives and have gone diving within the last two years. But, if you have never dived and want to live the experience, you can start your certification almost anywhere! So, start practicing right now cause bull sharks await!

Where to stay in Cancun

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