Family Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

Family Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to a world of endless family fun and adventure possibilities in the captivating paradise of Puerto Vallarta! As an esteemed member of our exclusive vacation club, you're already accustomed to the exceptional experiences that await you at our grand resorts. We know that merging that with activities you can enjoy with your family makes perfect vacations! So, let's dive into the top 10 family activities that will make your time in Puerto Vallarta genuinely unforgettable.

A Stroll Along the Malecon

Immerse yourself in Puerto Vallarta's vibrant culture with a leisurely walk along the iconic Malecon. Marvel at the captivating sculptures, colorful street performers, and breathtaking ocean views that line this picturesque boardwalk.
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Swimming with Dolphins

Treat your family to an exhilarating day of adventure at one of Puerto Vallarta's renowned waterparks, where you can swim alongside playful dolphins and create memories that will definitely be timeless. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.DELFIN

Exploring Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Embark on a thrilling botanical journey at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, where lush tropical landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and a dazzling array of plant species await your discovery. Spend the day exploring vibrant gardens, wandering nature trails, and enjoying educational exhibits that showcase the region's rich biodiversity. Each step is a new adventure, a new discovery, and a new memory waiting to be made. 

Botanical Gardens

Horseback Riding in the Jungle

Experience the adrenaline rush of exploring the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta up close with a thrilling horseback riding excursion through lush jungles and along pristine shores. Follow experienced guides as you traverse rugged terrain, cross winding rivers, and encounter native wildlife in their natural habitat. Whether you're an experienced rider or a novice equestrian, this unforgettable adventure promises breathtaking views and heart-pounding moments for the whole family.


Boat Trip in Banderas Bay

Set sail on an amazing voyage across the shimmering waters of Banderas Bay, where you can spot playful dolphins, majestic whales, and stunning coastal vistas. Choose from various boat tours and excursions, sunset cruises, and private charters tailored to your family's preferences. With experienced captains and knowledgeable guides, you'll embark on a seafaring adventure that's as safe as it is exhilarating. 

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Day Trip to Las Caletas

Escape to the secluded paradise of Las Caletas for a day of relaxation and adventure. Departing from Puerto Vallarta, this exclusive island retreat offers a wide range of activities and amenities for the whole family to enjoy. Spend your day lounging on pristine beaches, exploring lush tropical rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife. With gourmet dining options, guided tours, and cultural performances, Las Caletas is the perfect destination for a day of sun, fun, and adventure. 

Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

Sail with Pirates

Ahoy, mateys! Climb aboard a pirate ship for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. With lively entertainment, delicious cuisine, and thrilling pirate battles, it's an experience the whole family will treasure. Set sail on an interactive voyage filled with action-packed performances and pirate-themed activities that will delight guests of all ages. Whether you're a landlubber or a seasoned sailor, you'll be swept away by the excitement and adventure of this unique experience.

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Visit the Chocolate Museum

Step into a world of wonder at the Chocolate Museum, where you can learn about the fascinating history of chocolate and indulge in delectable tastings. Discover the ancient origins of cacao, from its sacred significance in ancient Mesoamerican cultures to its transformation into the beloved treat we know today. Sample an array of artisanal chocolates, learn about traditional chocolate-making techniques, and shop for delicious snacks and souvenirs. It's a journey that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for this sweet delight. 

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Surfing Lessons

Catch some waves and ride the surf like a pro with exhilarating surfing lessons along Puerto Vallarta's pristine coastline. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, the waves await your adventurous spirit. Join expert instructors for personalized surfing lessons tailored to your skill level, where you'll learn essential techniques, safety tips, and insider tricks for mastering the waves. With professional guidance and top-quality equipment, you'll be “hanging ten” in no time! 


Snorkeling Adventures

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Puerto Vallarta and discover a world of rich marine life beneath the surface. With guided snorkeling tours to colorful reefs and hidden coves, it's an aquatic adventure your family will never forget. Strap on your mask and fins and prepare to explore underwater ecosystems teeming with tropical fish, colorful coral reefs, and fascinating marine creatures. Whether you're a pro snorkeler or new to the sport, Puerto Vallarta offers an abundance of snorkeling spots suitable for all ages and skill levels.

With our exclusive amenities, luxurious accommodations, and personalized service, every moment spent with us is filled with magic and wonder since we're dedicated to providing you and your family with the ultimate vacation. Don’t hesitate wait until your arrival to plan the best experience you can get! Contact your Member services or Pre-Arrival agent now, at +1 855 310 9634 and 800 323 0729 to book now. And if you’re already on your destination, you can always contact your concierge to get more info or reservations for any activities you and your loved ones want to partake in.

Now, go pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and prepare for the family adventure of a lifetime in beautiful Puerto Vallarta!

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