Sierra Madre Mascota and Lake Juanacatlan


Mascota is a traditional Mexican town nestled high in the mystical Sierra Madre Mountains, Mascota brings the art of living surrounded by nature and the old ways of life to full bloom. Known and beloved as “La Esmeralda de la Sierra” (the Emerald of the Mountains), it is one of the most charming towns in the area, within easy reach of a host of wonderful encounters with nature, including Juanacatlan Lake.

Outdoors exploration and savoring the fresh mountain air is the order of the day in Mascota and its surroundings. With just 15,000 inhabitants still living life more or less as they did a hundred years ago, the fusion of centuries of traditions, culture and history can be found on every street corner. Admire its cobblestone streets, imagine what goes on behind the closed doors of old houses with their clay roofs, and take note of the distinct architectural details. Both romantic and inspiring, Mascota will breathe life into your vacations.

Lake Juanacatlan

A short distance from Mascota, Lake Juanacatlan is a hidden gem and is home to Sierra Lago Resort & Spa. Surrounded by pine-covered hills, dotted with fruit trees, the lake is believed to be the crater of a massive extinct volcano. Its mountain-fresh water filters from underground springs and small streams covering a surface area of just over 24 hectares. Fishing, hiking, horseback riding and conversing with nature are the main activity to enjoy on Lake Juanacatlan as you bask in the verdant scenery.

At night the you can see star-filled skies with impressive clarity, each twinkling light reflected upon the mirror-like surface of the lake as though captured in the crystal ball of a fairytale.